Handheld Stocktaking

For use in conjunction with either CRS Touch Back Office or CRS Sharp Back Office the Cash Gift Aid module adds the ability to perform many stock features from a Windows handheld device.

Used primarily in a retail environment the handheld software can be used to perform stock enquiries, stock taking, price changes, adhoc deliveries, stock adjustments and stock returns.

Depending on configuration the handheld solution can either update in real time over a wifi network or in batch mode using a cradle or sync cable.



  • Works on any Windows Mobile based handheld device or tablet
  • Mulitple features within one application including:
    – Retail Price Changes
    – Performing stock takes
    – Stock level adjustments
    – Adhoc Deliveries
    – Stock Returns
    – Product Price Enquiries
    – Stock Level Enquiries
  • Can work in real time to back office or in batch mode using a cradle or sync cable