Android Gift Aid

For use in conjunction with CRS Touch the Android Gift Aid apps give you the flexibility to sign up new donors and print sales labels for existing donors from an easy to use app on any Android tablet or phone.

This addition to the point of sale range offers the Charity shop another method of signing up new donors in real time without using the main till point.

Being mobile device based it means sign ups and label printing can be performed anywhere within the shop that has wireless coverage.



  • Cost effective apps that can be installed on Android devices running version 3 (Honeycomb) or later
  • Easy to use interface
  • Sign up new donors on the move and print out declarations at the till or on a separate printer
  • Print Gift Aid labels from anywhere in the shop to either the label printer attached to the till or a secondary printer installed in the sorting area
  • When using tablets (or phones) with built in auto focus cameras you can scan the donor label for re-prints rather than searching for the donor