3rd Party Solutions

Sharp PoS Software

Sharp's POS software is configurable for many environments, from a single pub to a larger hospitality or retail chain. Furthermore it is has an easy to use operator interface and graphical table plan.

Sharp POS Software has been designed to ensure total compatibility with Sharp's PC based EPOS terminals and is the leading complete, single package EPoS solution on the market delivering superb functionality for today’s highpaced hospitality industry.

Utilising an SQL Server standard platform to allow for maximum flexibility, a variety of tasks such as loyalty, workeforce supervision and promotional menus can be easily automated.

Meanwhile, customer comments and requests – for example: one steak, well-done, no sauce – can be passed through the system direct to the kitchen, rather than needing an operator to deliver them in person.

  • Product Information
    Each item can given up to 40 characters of text so that product descriptions can be as accurate as possible for precise customer information and to help minimise mistakes.
  • Stock Countdown Feature
    The ‘86 items function’ countdown feature enables any hospitality user to only sell the portions or stock that is available thus giving more accurate customer service and better stock control.
  • Display Product Information
    There is a useful product information function to help improve staff knowledge. For further ease of use it is possible to print the product information text on a receipt to give to a customer or for easy staff reference.
  • Time and Attendance
    This feature enables you to keep track of staff working and means that employee working times can be easily monitored.
  • Manage Pricing
    With a visual list based user-interface, price changes can be performed methodically from the POS terminal to help you act quickly when prices need to be increased or decreased. You can also control your promotional pricing and happy hours easily through the on-screen menus.
  • Interval Drinks Function
    This useful feature enables any entertainment or theatre venue to pre-sell drinks which will be served during the interval and it allows for efficient use of staff as well as maximising turnover.
  • ‘Mix and Match’
    To enable sales to be maximised, the Sharp POS software features ‘mix and match’ which means that a combination of various attractive product promotions can be set-up.
  • Full Table Management
    With a comprehensive table management system keep track of table activity and help minimise mistakes and maximise revenue.

  • TikTap

    Sharp has partnered with TikTap to use innovative mobile technology to proactively increase the footfall of participating outlets in the UK by introducing a local offer and voucher incentive scheme.

    Utilising mobile technology supplied by TikTap, which has been developed by the company behind Orange Wednesdays, local retailers/outlets in the town centre will be able to provide shoppers with instant offers and exclusive promotions redeemable in store via their mobile phones.

    The TikTap technology is enabled via a unique pod, which is plugged into a retailer’s EPOS electronic till system. Consumers download the TikTap app, which stores details of all live offers in the area – users ‘Tik’ the ones that appeal. When they are in the outlet, they simply tap their mobile phones over the pod to redeem the offer, bridging the gap between online, mobile and High Street shopping.

  • The TikTap app is available now in iOS and Android stores, and contains business details for retailers across the UK
  • Customers search the app for stores near their current location and Tik offers to place them in their TikTap wallet
  • In store, customers simply select the offer they wish to use, and Tap their phone on the pod to redeem
  • The pod works with all Sharp EPOS terminals that have barcode scanning capabilities
  • Offers are only limited by the capabilities of the till and will handle standard PLU/SKU codes
  • Retailers have full control over their offers (number live, timing, availability, discount amount, etc)
  • Offers are uploaded via a dedicated retailer website and are instantly available in the app
  • All offers produce full analytics enabling retailers to measure the success of a promotion in real time

  • EXNow

    ExNOW is a totally new approach in assisting you to manage your business operations.

    It is a powerful web based system which delivers permanent, real-time visibility of all your business trading activity directly from your Cash Register.

    It is low cost, simple to install and can be accessed wherever you are in the world. All you require is an internet connection and a PC and you can review your trading and stock holding data, whether you have a single till or a chain of stores.

    The solution is available now for XEA203 and XEA213 Electronic Cash Register models.

  • 24/7 real time access to trading data from anywhere in the worldSimple to install
  • No expensive back office server/software required
  • Simplified Cash Register set-up
  • Easy to navigate and understand
  • Relevant data lines
  • Excellent reporting tools
  • Export data to Excel or other
  • Instant data Graphs
  • Security control measures
  • Automated long term data warehousing
  • Low cost

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